Sizewell Camp

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Who Are We

We are a diverse group of people, including Stop Nuclear Power Network, who organise an annual anti-nuclear camp at Sizewell. Sizewell Camp 2011Sizewell Camp 2011

The Purpose of the Camp

  • To show our opposition to nuclear power
  • To listen to the views of local people and those using the beach about the power station and to put our views across
  • To network and educate ourselves and others about issues relevant to nuclear power

What Happens At The Camp

Although the exact format of the camp changes from year to year it includes

  • Workshops, which have included, basic nuclear physics, understanding risk, and renewable energy supplies.
  • demonstration, usually held outside the gates of the power stations on the Saturday
  • Chernobyl Rememberance, we have done a variety of activities to remember those who died and continue to suffer due to the accident at Chernobyl
  • Walks aroung the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that surrounds the sites.


We camp on the beach. We have a kitchen tent and supply food. There are public toilets but we also have a toilet tent.


The local Impact of Sizewell C and D on employment and the economy(pdf)

Sizewell Camp Display Boards


The local Impact of sizewell C and D on employment and the economy.pdf408.16 KB
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