Stop Nuclear Power Network

The Stop Nuclear Power Network (SNPN) is a non-hierarchical informal cam­paigning network of groups and indi­viduals started in September 2008 to promote and encourage visible and effective action against the retention and expan­sion of nuclear power in the UK and world­wide.

We are seeking to develop a strong and ex­panding network, building alliances with local, national and international campaigns which share our desire to resist the global ex­pan­sion of the nu­clear industry in crea­tive and inspiring ways. Many groups and indi­viduals are voicing their concerns about a post-Fukushima and Cherno­byl nuclear renaissance; but more people need to get organised and net­wor­ked and put their words into action, using a range of cam­paigning tactics, including blockades and other non­-violent direct actions (NVDA), demon­strations, camps, street stalls, leaf­leting, artwork, and eye-catching publicity stunts and street theatre.

The British Government and nuclear spin doctors are working overtime to repackage nuclear po­wer as a 'green' source of energy. They are attempting to create divisions with­in the en­vironmental movement. Dissenting voices are being drowned out. If we wait until the bulldozers move in, it will probably be too late. We believe now is the time to fight back and make ourselves heard, by any peaceful means, and nip the “nuclear renaissance” in the bud.

Our vision is of a safe and sustain­able low-carbon future, based on more modest con­sump­tion, energy efficiency and conser­va­tion, and renewable and de­centralised ener­gy; a future in which we no longer have to rely on non-renewable and un­sustainable ura­nium, plutonium and fossil fuels, and which will not lead to nuclear proliferation, more and deadlier radioactive emis­sions, and a legacy of even more hazardous radio­active waste that we can't safely deal with. No more Fukushimas! No more Chernobyls! No more Three Mile Islands! No more Wind­scales! We have no time to lose: the time to act is NOW. Join us today!

Stop Nuclear Power Network
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