Chernobyl (twinned with Sizewell) - 24 year Memorial

It is now 24 years on from the devastating ‘accident’ at Chernobyl, which estimates claim wiped out up to 600,000 human lives and mutated genes of generations to follow

As well as direct deaths, the fallout from this power station contaminated the world over and reached UK’s shores in the form of acid rain that rendered much of Wales’ farmland untenable for years afterwards.

Again, it seems only a dedicated few care enough to get out of their homes and take to the campaign trail. However many Anti-nuclear and Sustainable Energy campaigners were with us in spirit - although some unable to attend as anti-terrorist laws forbid their nearing any UK Power Stations (following the peaceful campaigns & camps in Kingsnorth, Aldermaston and similar locations around the country). Remember we are but a few in a long line of ANTI-NUCLEAR CAMPAIGNERS from our grandparents generation to those yet to come.

We cannot survive a Nuclear explosion – it’s not some foreign disease which affects only poor people in some far away story – this is our story. Right here, right now.

Most people reading this would have been alive in 1986 when Chernobyl exploded, or had future Mothers, Fathers alive. If the same incident occurs here whether at Sizewell, or indeed one of the many Nuclear facilities already existing in the UK, the story of our people will inevitably come to a brief & final end.

The UK government has given the go-ahead for a further 10 Nuclear Power Facilities to roll out across the country in 2010. Despite massive rise in Green Technology and global understanding.

I’ll leave you with this thought. The land you see in this film against Sizewell beach was created in the 1930’s after a huge storm. Literally overnight, the locals would have told. Contaminates leftover from Sizewell’s nuclear processors have been stored underneath the building in vast underground tanks since its conception. Sizewell #1 has sunk over 10 foot since it was built and leakages from one pool recently led to emergency closures. Yet plans are to build a 3rd station. What happens when the seas move the Earth once again, and that land is washed back from whence it came? When we say ‘Not in my backyard’ in this case we mean – not on my planet & not on my watch.

Make your voices heard.

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