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News coverage and photos of London Fukushima protests

A hundred-strong march and rally in central London, a fifty-strong candlelit vigil opposite the Japanese embassy in Piccadilly and a packed public meeting in the House of Commons were staged this week by Japanese Against Nuclear UK, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Kick Nuclear to mark the third anniversary of the 'triple disaster' in Japan and say "Remember Fukushima - No to Nuclear Power". Below are some links to press articles and photos of these events.


Detailed report(s) from Press Association (mirrored on many other news websites):

Anti-Hinkley campaigners in EDF Energy “nuclear bulls**t" protest in Bridgwater, Somerset

From South West Against Nuclear: (Posted 22 October 2013)

EDF “nuclear bulls**t” protest

People protesting about public subsidies for a new Hinkley Point nuclear power station today dumped a pile of animal manure at an EDF shop in Bridgwater in Somerset. A banner was hung above the shop which read “No More Bullsxxt – EDF take our £££ and dump waste on us!”

Witch Watch, Hinkley Point, Somerset

Full moon 24 hour Vigil and Sacred Fire-
WITCH WATCH women's gathering, visitors welcome
Saturday, 22 June 2013 from 4pm onwards
for more info call: 07874819608
E-mail: wanda at
new facebook page - Wanda Ring sprite
Help setting up camp always welcomed - from 12 onwards
Please come self  sufficient

Event Date and Time: 
Sat, 22/06/2013 - 4:00pm - Sun, 23/06/2013 - 4:00pm

Letter about nuclear subsidies and Energy Bill

Delivered to Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change; George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer; Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury; David Cameron, Prime Minister; and Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister:


Kick Nuclear

Nuclear subsidies critics to take their fight to Westminster

Kick Nuclear news release – Tuesday 13 November 2012 - for immediate release

Wednesday 14 November 2012 -  Photo opportunity: campaigners in yellow radioactive barrel costumes and other outfits, with banners and flags.

12.30pm – Outside Department of Energy and Climate Change, 3 Whitehall Place. SW1A 2AW;

1pm – Outside HM Treasury, corner of Parliament St and King Charles St. SW1A

Why I continue to fight the Hinkley nuclear plant next door

Article by Theo Simon

While Britain’s green movement remains split over nuclear power, a determined band of campaigners are staging their own protests against a planned nuclear plant in the south-west. Activist Theo Simon gives an insider’s view.

Read this great article here: