Second largest demonstration in the Wendland in almost 35 years

.ausgestrahlt – Gemeinsam gegen Atomenergie
.ausgestrahlt - Together against nuclear energy

Press release

Dannenberg, 26 November 2011

Second largest demonstration in the Wendland in almost 35 years

Railway tracks blockades continue: a night on the tracks

Jochen Stay, spokesperson for the anti nuclear power organisation .ausgestrahlt stated in an interim evaluation of the protests against the Castor shipment:

"During the last days media reports were dominated by images which are far from representative. Today it became clear, who supports the protest movement against a final nuclear waste depository in the dilapidated salt mine of Gorleben. 23,000 people participated in a massive demonstration. This was the second largest demonstration in the Wendland in the almost 35 years of the Gorleben conflict. Already now more than 2,000 people are part of sit-down blockades on the railway tracks. This will be surprising for everyone who already saw the end of the anti nuclear power movement in Germany.

The assumption that it would be sufficient to shut down eight nuclear power station and to talk a little about a "white map" in the search for a final depository, to terminate the conflict about nuclear power, has been proven wrong. The continued operation of nine reactors - most of them for more than 10 years - and the continued construction work at the salt mine in Gorleben meet with broad popular opposition. This has been shown by the speeches of representatives of the BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) and the DGB (the equivalent to the TUC) at the demonstration today.

We expect that the railway blockades of the initiatve "WiderSetzen" will continue to grow during the evening. People from all walks of life are sitting on the tracks and are preparing themselves for a night on the tracks. The people are well prepared for the cold night. From the villages near the blockade they are provided with food and warm drinks."

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