Demo at Australia House - No nuclear dump on aboriginal land!

Australian Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson is in London and Paris this week. In response to an emergency call-out from the Australian Beyond Nuclear Initiative for international solidarity against a proposed federal nuclear waste dump on aboriginal land at Muckaty in the Northern Territory, a small demo was held at very short notice outside the Australian High Commission in central London.

Two people dressed in white overalls and gas masks held a sign reading "No Nuclear Dump at Muckaty" and handed out leaflets.

At the end of the 90 minute demo, which attracted the attention of diplomatic police as well as visitors to the building and passers by, a letter addressed to Mr Ferguson and signed by members of the Muckaty aboriginal community was delivered by hand to a representative of the High Commission.

A third supporter arrived shortly afterwards: he had just come from a meeting about nuclear power which overran.

(Photos by D. Viesnik (top) and Ziggy (bottom))


The arrogance of the nuclear industry is mind blowing - WELL DONE for supporting the Australian campaigners.

The nuclear industry in Cumbria is eyeing up ever more sites to put existing nuclear waste to make room for more crapola. Their idea is to reclassify it as Very Low Level to put it into ordinary landfill. Here are two letters in this weeks Whitehaven News.....

We must oppose N-waste site
SIR – With reference to the proposed nuclear waste site at Keekle Head
near Pica, do the public realise that this French company called Endecom
intends to make money at the expense of the local community?
We must rely on our local councillors to refuse planning permission for
this site otherwise our children’s futures will be affected by a 50-year
site. Also, the radioactivity will last for many years.
The site is too close to residential areas, also the transportation of
this waste, some also from Drigg, will be coming through Whitehaven,
Egremont, Bigrigg and Distington. This would be around 12 loads each day,
which should be kept nearer to the place of origin.
We need to support each other in objecting to this proposal.
Margaret PENN
Pica Cottages, Pica

Bishop’s views on nuclear build
SIR – Radiation Free Lakeland would like to thank the 150 people who
signed letters to the new Bishop of Carlisle on Saturday.
Many people came along specially, knowing that there was going to be an
anti-nuclear presence outside Carlisle Cathedral and wanting to voice
their concerns about Bishop James Newcome’s pro-nuclear build stance. More
than 150 people (and rising) have written letters saying: “
Congratulations on your enthronement at Carlisle Cathedral. I was
surprised to see your forthright endorsement of new nuclear power plants
in Cumbria as ‘a green option for the future.’ I have two questions:
Will the Diocese of Carlisle consider listening to independent expert
advice (not from pro-nuclear government or industry) on radiation risks of
new build and geological disposal before making further pro-nuclear
Will the Church of England in Cumbria be equally forthright in demanding a
Radiation Linked Diseases Compensation Scheme for the general public in
That so many letters were signed in just two hours outside Carlisle
Cathedral on the same day as the Bishop’s enthronement is an indication of
the deep unease that Cumbrians have in the Church of England’s pro-nuclear
Bishop James has said that his pro-nuclear remarks were made in response
to the Churches Together in Cumbria Environment Group. This group seems to
take its advice from industry and Government and has produced literature
saying that “uranium is God’s gift to man”.
The industry and our pro-nuclear government cannot be relied on to give a
true account of the impact of nuclear new-build in Cumbria and the impact
that would have on indigenous people worldwide (who are campaigning to
keep their uranium safely in the ground and to prevent existing and future
nuclear waste being dumped on them).
Radiation Free Lakeland very much hopes that Bishop James Newcome will
agree to meet with independent scientists.
Marianne BIRKBY
Radiation Free Lakeland
Whitehaven News Letters

Originally posted on on 25 September 2009

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