Fukushima Update December 2013

This winter the Japanese are starting to transfer the deadly spent fuel rods from reactor number four in Fukushima. They have 1553 bundles of rods to move, each with 63 rods. At time of writing, they have done 44 bundles, in the first week. It'll take over a year to complete, if it goes well. We just have to hope/pray that no earthquake happens as they draw the rod bundles out of their racks, that no rods turn out to be bent, to jam, to be cracked, to fall apart as they are pulled up. And if something 'unfortunate' does happen, it is quite likely to lead to Tokyo having to be abandoned, and a few million extra cancer cases around the world. But that's the risk we take with nuclear power.

And where would Tokyo's citizens go, if they had to leave. Japan quite annoyed the other countries in the region in the period 1937 to 1945, so they are not likely to be welcomed with open arms in countries like China, Korea, Philippines or Australia. Especially as it is the lies and inaction of the last 3 years that has led to this.

China pointed out the other day that the Pacific Ocean is in fact the property of the whole human race, not just of Japan, and as such Japan can not just pour what they want into it. The only line of defence for this action seems to be 'The Pacific is quite big, so it's OK'. No, its not OK. It's big, but that's yer lot. There is only one, and once polluted, we humans wallow in that filth for all eternity.

As the world gazes, open-mouthed, at the spent fuel pool number four, the rest of the plant is hardly improving. A new record high level of contamination was found in the groundwater drawn from between reactor number two and the sea; 1,100,000,000 Becquerel/m3. It had risen 120% in the previous 3 days. That is a lot of lethal zeros.. So three years into the catastrophe, radioactivity under and around the plant is still growing, is still setting new records. Remember last update Tepcofinally admitted that the water in these test holes rises and falls with the tide; in other words it is flowing straight out into the sea. And they are to give up attempts to pump up and filter this water, as they 'have run out of tanks'. The rising radioactive ground water is causing the 'air-dose', the radiation absorbed just by being there, to rise, so to solve this the workers stand on little stands and put lead plates on the ground. The rising contamination means the workers quickly hit their annual or lifetime dose of radiation, so Tepco is running out of experienced workers. 'It's all amateurs and Yakuza mafia in there' said one worker. In trouble with the mafia over a gambling debt or something? They'll pack you off to Fukushima and keep your wages. No health insurance, no training or accurate information, often no radiation meters, and kicked out when over the limit. Meanwhile, 400 tons of radioactive water a day continues to flow into the Pacific.

3 Japanese ex-Prime Ministers have become anti-nuclear campaigners.(Kan PM during the Fukushima meltdowns, Koizumi and Hosokawa).'It would be a crime against future generations for our generation to restart nuclear plants without resolving this issue'(of disposal of the waste produced)said Hosokawa.

The current Japanese Prime Minister, Abe, told the Olympic committee that 'the contamination from Fukushima is contained in the port.' A study released the week before found that 47% of the port's water was exchanged with sea water every day.In other words, the Prime Minister deliberately lied. Furthermore, he said Tokyo was completely clean, unaffected. It came out today that parts of Tokyo (Toride City) will have to be decontaminated, as they are over the safety limit.

And the plume of radioactive water is now approaching California. The US government has constantly played down Fukushima, has even stopped analysing the seafood for radiation, 'as low levels are predicted'. Because the US has 100
nuclear power plants of its own, a third of them the same design as Fukushima and all of them stuffed to the gills with 40 years worth of deadly used fuel rods, and they therefore don't want anyone thinking nukes are not safe. Yet something is happening to the sea life on its west coast. Starfish are 'melting', their arms falling off and crawling away. Hmm. The sardines off Canada have disappeared this year. Whales are appearing in places where they have not been seen in such numbers 'in our lifetime'. 28% of the polar bears tested in Alaska had hair loss, lesions, inflamed and crusting skin. As with seals and walruses. 30% of the adult femalemusk ox died in NW Alaska this year. Maybe it's a new pathogen or 3, but then maybe new pathogens/bacteria got in because of weakened immunity.
Caused byFukushima. The majority of the scientists seem to discount that possibility, so therefore don't need to test for radioactivity. Hmm...

What really worries us is the lack of backup plans. They have two filter systems for the filthy water, Sarry and Alps, both currently closed due to leaking and rusted tanks, cracked pipes etc. And they are running out of storage tanks. So what options are left? Chuck all the water in the Pacific? Is that what they are deliberately manouvering towards? Wear us out with 300 tons leaking here, 400 tons there, and then say 'So sorry' and chuck the lot? And the ice wall to 'prevent futher leakage'; is that the only option now, so when that is built (in 2 years) and doesn't work, it's again 'So sorry' and then bureaucrats throwing up their hands in mock despair and dumping away? With Tepco kept afloat by the Japanese state as scapegoat?

Japanese culture is famous for being polite. You can see why; lots of them, on a small set of islands. Yet I personally can not understand why the Japanese people are straining to remain polite, as a bunch of criminals shove poison down their throats, and lie to them about it. Maybe when they finally get angry, they are going to get very angry. They should...

And Japanese culture seems to revolve around saving face. Keeping the respect of those around you. Fine. But we're not talking about saving face, we're talking here about saving the Pacific. Fukushima will be with us, leaking, for decades, and Japan risks being known for all eternity as the land of the rising red radioactive stain, who permanently altered the geneticbasis of life on this planet just to keep their air-conditioning running. Not good.

The best defence is to inform yourself. We recommend enenews.com,
fukushima-diary.com or ex-skf.blogspot.co.uk for daily fair and accurate reports.